Lift button panels

Exclusive manufacturing with customised designs without large purchasing volumes

Anodised Aluminium

The PBS system allows us to add value to our products. By printing in the open aluminium pore, we ensure that we offer the most durable print on the market.

Control panels

Our button panels and control panels are manufactured to provide the user with a pleasant experience with the machine. We help in the design and use different production processes to achieve the perfect finish.

Labelling and identification

We are experts in the manufacture of aluminium nameplates and identification labels for industrial machinery.

Sectors for which we work




Anodised Aluminium

Anodising aluminium is a chemical process by which the surface of the aluminium is modified to form a protective layer of aluminium oxide. The main advantages of anodised aluminium are:

  • Increased abrasion resistance
  • Corrosion protection
  • Uniformity of surface and maintenance of metallic appearance after printing
  • Prolongation of the service life of the material

About us

Alumigraf was founded in 1958 by three partners with the aim of providing a service to industrial companies in Gipuzkoa. Specifically, to offer a solution for lettering and printing on metal surfaces that guarantees its indelibility throughout the useful life of the customer's industrial machine. Throughout our history we have been characterised by our commitment to our customers. In order to offer them quality and long-lasting solutions. certificado iso   certificado iso Convinced of the advantages and benefits of the PBS anodised aluminium control panels, Alumigraf works to offer a higher quality and resistance to its products. PANELES PBS - Proyecto FEDER   certificado Calidad certificado Calidad   certificado Calidad

Experts in aluminium anodising

60Years of experience


Customer Rating

  • Qualified and committed professionals.

  • Company with the most experience in the market.

  • Integration of key processes such as Aluminium Anodising.

  • Leading clients in their respective sectors.


Many of our clients are leaders in their respective sectors.

But we are not satisfied with that. We are continually presented with new challenges that force us to move with agility to continue providing the service they demand. We are aware that each client, each sector, has its own needs and that is why we adapt to them. We believe in flexibility, good service and quality. And our customers value this.

See sectors
  • Railroad

    Experts in control panels and pushbutton panels for the largest companies in the railway industry.


  • Industrial Machinery

    Make sure that none of your machines are left unidentified with aluminum nameplates.


  • Elevation

    Continuous cooperation with the largest companies in the industry supports our work.


  • Urban

    Tailor-made signage designed to meet all needs and resistant thanks to the PBS system.