Many of our clients are leaders in their respective industries.

But we are not satisfied with that. We are continually presented with new challenges that force us to move with agility to continue providing the service they demand. We are aware that each client, each sector, has its own needs and that is why we adapt to them. We believe in flexibility, good service and quality. And our customers appreciate it.

"95% of customers rate Alumigraf's value for money as Excellent or Very Good."


We supply the largest companies in the lifting sector. Both control panels and control panels for the cabins as well as plant identification and numbering parts. We can also incorporate the corresponding Braille inscription, in accordance with ONCE standards. Making its products accessible to as many people as possible.


More than 300,000 machines are equipped with control panels manufactured by Alumigraf. A good machine requires quality labeling so that it lasts at least as long as the machine itself. We offer everything you need for the identification and signaling of your machines. By using the PBaS system of anodized aluminum we can ensure the highest quality and durability of our products.


Make sure your local signage looks as good as new with our outdoor urban signage. The PBaS system offers 20 times more resistance than any other varnish on the market, making our prints perfectly resistant to the inclement weather that outdoor signage suffers. Making them perfect for this type of signage.


We understand the need to ensure the safety of rail passengers. That’s why we put all our efforts into making everything from safety signage to control panels and pushbutton panels for the railway sector. With different finishes and in a wide variety of materials in order to offer the product that best suits the requirements of our customers.