• Elevator buttons

    Elevator buttons Home Solutions Elevator buttons We manufacture customized button panels integrating the brand and corporate colors of our customers. ANODIZED ALUMINUM Alumigraf’s PBAS ®

  • Control panels

    Resistant Mostly made of PBS anodized aluminum, the control panels offer higher wear resistance than any other material, whether painted or live such as stainless

  • Labeling and nameplates

    We are experts in the manufacture of aluminum nameplates and identification labels for industrial machinery. Both the manufacturer’s brand name and machine data are information

  • Anodized aluminum

    What is anodized aluminum? Anodizing aluminum is a chemical process by which the surface of aluminum is modified to form a protective layer of aluminum

  • Braille

    Inscriptions in Braille All our signage can incorporate the corresponding labeling and inscription in Braille, so that it is accessible to the visually impaired and

  • Urban signage

    Urban signage Urban signage with maximum durability and resistance The urban signage created with the PBaS is perfect to be able to face inclement weather

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