Labeling and nameplates

We are experts in the manufacture of aluminum nameplates and identification labels for industrial machinery. Both the manufacturer’s brand name and machine data are information that must be visible throughout the life of the machine.

That’s why we make every effort to offer quality and long-lasting signage.

Although the star material to manufacture nameplates and labels is anodized aluminum, which offers a better result thanks to its resistance, protection and longer life, we have experience in working with other products, such as stainless steel, methacrylate, vinyl, etc. as mentioned in the data sheet of each of the products we manufacture.

Types of labels, covers and nameplates we manufacture:

Other Services

  • Braille

    Inscriptions in Braille All our signage can incorporate the corresponding labeling and inscription in Braille, so that it is accessible to the visually impaired and to a greater number of

  • Anodized aluminum

    What is anodized aluminum? Anodizing aluminum is a chemical process by which the surface of aluminum is modified to form a protective layer of aluminum oxide. The main advantages are: