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Cutting and machining

La función de corte y mecanizado requiere gran precisión y atención al detalle. En Alumigraf, utilizando equipos de última generación y técnicas avanzadas, podemos cortar y dar forma a una amplia variedad de materiales con una precisión milimétrica. Ya sea que necesites formas simples o diseños intrincados, nuestro equipo de expertos puede cumplir con tus especificaciones exactas, garantizando bordes limpios y acabados impecables en cada placa y emblema.


Chip removal cutting technique capable of reproducing very demanding shapes and reliefs in thin and thick thicknesses. The finish that it provides to the pieces is of great quality.


In many control panels and keypads, customers require a perfect countersink so that the screw is flush with the plate. Neither higher, to avoid a bad feeling in use, nor lower, to prevent dirt from depositing in the long run on the unevenness caused by faulty countersinking.


Marking of parts through wear on the work surface to obtain a smaller thickness. Providing dimensionally precise engravings or recesses and being able to ensure that the pushbuttons adapt perfectly to the keypads and achieve complex, high-quality details.


Cutting technique using variable shaped punches that adjust to the shape of the piece. The punching machine is a very fast type of machine capable of making up to 1500 holes per hour, it constitutes a very good cutting technique for large runs in thin thicknesses.


Drawing, folding to, for example, bend the sides of a plate at 90º and stamping to curve.


We have folding machines to be able to give the shape that best fits the specifications required for our clients' button boxes. We take special care to obtain profiles with the required tolerances and without marking the pieces so that folding does not affect the quality of the final product.

Laser cut

Cutting technique using a concentrated beam of light that penetrates the material, generating a fast and precise cut. It is a fast cutting technique in straight lines that can reproduce all the desired shapes in 2D, no matter how small they may be.

Plotting (knife cutting)

Cutting technique by dragging the blade. A very precise and fast technique for flexible materials up to 3mm thick.