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Alumigraf was founded in 1958 by three partners with the aim of providing service to industrial companies in Gipuzkoa. Specifically to offer a solution for labeling and printing on metal surfaces and that guarantees its indelibility throughout the entire useful life of the client's industrial machine. Throughout our entire history we have been characterized by our commitment to our clients. In order to offer them quality and long-lasting solutions.

Alumigraf, experts in anodized aluminum

Durability is guaranteed thanks to the Aluminum Anodizing process carried out entirely in our facilities. By which we can print inside the anodized aluminum, leaving the print sealed forever. With customer satisfaction as our goal, we have been incorporating different materials into our production in order to offer the widest possible range of options. We have also specialized in the manufacture of aluminum plates.

In 2013, Jon and Iker Aldalur, grandsons of one of the company's main partners, bought 100% of Alumigraf. Thus giving a new impetus to the company in a new, increasingly complex competitive environment.

Based in San Sebastián, we have the know-how of 15 professionals with a high degree of experience and knowledge about anodizing and printing on metals. This allows us to continue guaranteeing what our clients have always valued. Quality, durability and good service.

Alumigraf Group: Alumigraf and Adasa, more than 50 years of experience

Alumigraf Group is the sum of Alumigraf and Adasa, a more solid and ambitious business group created from the purchase of Adasa in 2023 by Alumigraf.

With more than 50 years of experience in the sector, Adasa, located in Zamudio (Bizkaia), has stood out in the manufacture of plates and emblems in metal and various plastic materials. Its facilities of more than 1000m2 have cutting-edge technology to carry out processes such as aluminum anodizing, screen printing, large format digital printing and cutting, resin drop coating and deep drawing of metal and plastic parts. In addition, the company has a network of collaborators at national and European level supported by a highly experienced team, which now joins the ranks of Alumigraf.