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Logos and emblems

The company logo is the seal of quality of all the work carried out by a committed team. It is what identifies and summarizes all the value contribution of the company.

At Alumigraf we are aware of and share our clients' need to reflect this good image through a custom emblem. Therefore, as we would not leave this responsibility in the hands of just anyone, our clients have our commitment that we will always work seeking excellence.

Emblems can be manufactured by combining different printing, treatment and machining techniques. That is why the possibilities are endless. At ALUMIGRAF we focus on the client's needs and specifications to offer the best quality at the price stipulated by the client.

Glossy/matte aluminum

The combination of gloss aluminum and fine matting offers a spectacular finish. It is also possible to combine with colors. Dark and tan colors are widely used by brands to communicate aspects such as QUALITY, EXCLUSIBITY and HIGH END.

Low-high relief engraving

Depending on the exposure of the logo, engraving offers extra durability. However, combined with the different printing techniques, the high relief conveys ROBUSTNESS AND LONG-LASTING QUALITY.

Embossed aluminum

Logos and emblems made with embossing are a very interesting solution that highlight the BRAND in a unique way. It is a solution that requires a certain volume of quantity since it requires an investment in tools, but the finish offered is of high IMPACT.

Resin Drop or Doming

Emblems or logos fully or partially coated with Polyurethane Resin offer a shiny lenticular feel to the piece that is unmatched by any other finish. It offers great outdoor durability and is a widely used solution in demanding sectors such as automotive and food machinery.

The Resin Drop

It is generally applied to a self-adhesive polyester sheet but can also be applied to PVC.

Drop of resin on Aluminum

This is a very interesting solution when the client wants to combine the rigidity of a metal plate and also wants to convey a feeling of high-gloss exclusivity with the lenticular finish of the resin drop.

Combination of plastic injection and plotted vinyl

Exclusive brands try to combine different techniques to offer an EXCLUSIVE, EXQUISITE and LONG-LASTING finish. This is the case of this emblem injected into plastic that incorporates a special custom-plotted vinyl. The demand of the big brands with the tolerances of our products is an incentive for continuous growth.

Ecodomes Logos

The Eco Domes technique allows you to generate Lettering with completely free shapes and with all imaginable colors. Although it does not require a large investment in tools, this technique is recommended from 2000 units.

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