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Rules and scales

The scales and rulers made of Alumigraf can be used for machinery marking, or as an advertising element. Our processes allow you to include the logo or corporate images, so that your items have an exclusive value.

We manufacture the rulers and scales in anodized aluminum, which allows these types of items to remain unaltered against various chemical agents.

Versatility and durability

The scales and rulers manufactured by Alumigraf are more than just measuring tools; They are versatile pieces that find applications in a wide range of contexts. These tools offer a perfect canvas to highlight your brand message. Our ability to integrate logos and corporate images adds a touch of exclusivity, turning each item into a powerful promotional tool.

Resistance to continued use

Anodized aluminum is the ideal choice for the manufacture of rulers and scales, as it guarantees unmatched resistance to the rigors of daily use. This anodizing process not only protects against corrosion and wear, but also ensures that these tools remain unaffected by various chemical agents.

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